Flash Fiction

I originally wrote this for a competition on Go Teen Writers to show "exhaustion" without telling the reader that the character was exhausted in 150 words or less.  It's a first for me to write something so short and it took me a good twenty minutes to come up with this.  I didn't even final but I'm happy with my first attempt.  Hope you enjoy!

 “Let go,” Kaley mumbles, her puffy eyes shifting to meet mine.  My icy fingers are still locked around her wrist. I don’t have the strength to obey her even if I wanted to.
My chin sinks toward my chest. “Not…letting…go.”
“You shouldn’t have stopped me.” Her lip quivers, her voice a mixture of anger and sadness.  She thrusts out a halfhearted kick.  It connects but I’m too numb to feel it.  Sun’s first rays light the tears spilling down her face. 
 “No.” Losing the battle, my eyes drift shut.  “If you do it…they win.”
She moans, twisting away from me.  My hand falls, pain tingling up my wrist. I don’t even try to hold her back anymore. 
Lord, I need an angel.
I curl into the fetal position with my cheek pressed against the gravel rooftop.  As the world fades away, the metal door bangs open.  Chris finally made it.

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